Established in 1969, Weavetex since then is involved in the manufacturing of home textile madeFactory At Khekra ups for global market. With intensive growth and company's efforts in backward and forward integration. Weavetex today has a vertically integrated process from yarn dyeing to fabric weaving to fabric processing to stitching all done in one premise. Weavetex started its weaving process in 1969 with the ancient art of weaving on to the handloom and today has the state of art handloom unit in order to feed the ever lasting demand of handloom products in the global market. Besides weaving on handloom Weavetex also engaged into power loom and modern weaving sector. While going one step ahead in integration process Weavetex started manufacturing made-ups for global market in 1992. Achieving quality assurance, in time deliveries and customer trust on the company has played a major role behind our great success.

Weavetex being a family oriented organization has always benefited the commitment values and gained image among customers. Great efforts and hard work of Mr. Yogender Jain (Mg. Director) has also helped company in a big way to achieve this goal and success.

Mr. Yogender Jain
(Mg. Director)

Mission and Vision
Weavetex has formed an image in the home textile segment and the main aim is to grow this image further and to make their process routes better and flexible to satisfy the ever changing demands.

Future Plans
Weavetex has always excepted changes and market forces and oriented its process according to the ever-changing needs. In order to provide better quality and productivity Weavetex has planned to construct another state of art and a very modern weaving and stitching unit.